Frostpunk: How to build streets

After building some of your first structures in Frostpunk, which are most likely going to be tents, they need to be connected with streets. They will provide an easy way for your workers to move around your city.

Any buildings that you create aren’t going to function or be used by workers immediately. Unfortunately, workers will ignore them unless they are connected to the generator.

Building your first street

You will learn about this game tip relatively early on. To start building streets, open the construction menu by selecting the icon of the hammer at the bottom of the game. Towards the left of this icon, you will now see a ‘Build streets’ button.

Click and drag the streets from point A to point B. Thankfully, streets don’t need to be built in a straight line and wrap around your buildings nicely. It’s also important to note that not every structure needs to be touching the generator.

You can have 1 street leaving the generator, and have that street connect to tens of other buildings, they will all function the same. After choosing the location and layout for streets, your workers will begin to build using your wood resource.

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