Frostpunk: How to Collect Wood & Assign Workers


One task that you are going to have to complete in Frostpunk is providing housing for your workers. You may find that most of your workers are actually homeless, and they will soon express their concern.

Obviously the easiest way to combat this is by building tents. One set of tents is enough to provide housing for 10 workers, but we have 100. Therefor, we need to build 10 campsites, simple? Not really.

Building just one campsite costs 10 wood, and we only start with 30. What we need to do is harvest & collect wood from the crates found around the edges of the map. Each piles of crates will net you 120 wood in 6 game hours, as long as you assign all 15 workers.

Gathering Wood in Frostpunk

Look at the screenshot just above, you can see we have the crates highlighted and have 5 workers assigned so far. You can assign workers towards the bottom of the interface.

To provide housing for all 100 of your starting workers, you are going to want to collect 100 wood, so farming one pile of crates will be enough. This process is identical to farming Coal and Steel too. You can keep track of your inventory at the top of the screen, where you can see how much of each resource you have currently collected.

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