Frostpunk: How to Delete Structures and Streets


If you want to start moving your city around and changing buildings in Frostpunk, you need to delete them. Currently, it’s possible to delete any structure or street that you have built using the in-game tools.

After dismantling a building, you will be able to salvage some of its resources back. For example, building tents cost 10 wood total. Choosing to dismantle them at a later date will return you 8 wood, a 20% loss of resources.

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How to dismantle buildings

To start, open the construction menu in Frostpunk. You can do this by selecting the hammer icon located at the bottom of the screen. Some new buttons will pop up to the right.

Both of these buttons are ‘Dismantle buildings’ and ‘Dismantle streets’. Choose which ever option is most relevant to you. Using your cursor, you can choose what you want to remove from your city.

Remember that this process is irreversible, and you will lose some of the resources you used to create the building or street originally. You can delete anything that you have built yourself.

how to dismantle buildings and streets frostpunk
Choose the dismantle buildings or streets button in Frostpunk

One more method for dismantling things is if you choose the building, an icon will be in the interface where you delete it from there. This just saves a little bit of time by not having to head back into the construction menu.

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