Frostpunk: How to get Food & Hunt Animals


Keeping warm is the first thing that workers in your city will start complaining about in Frostpunk. Next, it will be hunger. You need to keep your workers well fed to keep the hope meter high, and encourage them to work.

First, workers will be hungry after running out of cooked meals. After that, they will become starving, where they will have to resort to raw foods. It’s possible to sign some new laws which will change the food system. For example, adding sawdust to make it more filling, or choosing to ration out food in order to feed more of your people.

Setting up food gathering probably isn’t on the top of your list, as you have to focus on the homeless problem and resource gathering first. However it’s definitely up there. In this short guide, we’ll show you how to gather your own food and cook it for your workers.

Gathering food

To start, you’re going to need to build a Hunters’ Hut at the cost of 20 wood. You can assign up to 15 workers to be Hunters. At it’s maximum capacity, 15 Hunters will bring in 15 raw food per day, and work between 18:00 and 06:00. The complete opposite hours of other workers.

Once you have the Hut going and workers collecting Raw Food, you need to build a cook house. Again, this costs another 20 wood. The cook house can have 5 workers, and will cook 4 food rations from 2 raw meat. Meaning you can expect to make around 32-35 meals per day at max capacity. Fortunately, a lot of workers won’t eat everyday. If you face issues with this, you’re going to need to double or maybe even triple the amount of hunters.

As you progress throughout the campaign, you will be able to unlock massive upgrades which will exponentially increase the amount of raw food gathered in Frostpunk. The Hot House will double your raw food intake, taking it to 30 a day.

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