Frostpunk: How to get more Workers & People


GamingFrostpunk: How to get more Workers & People

At the start of Frostpunk, you’ll usually start with around 80 people. Most of these are workers, with the remaining being children. You’ll want to assign any workers you can to gathering resources straight away.

The question is though, how do you get more workers? Eventually, you will have to assign people to be doctors, hunters, researchers. Your number of spare workers will start dwindling, and gathering resources such as Wood, Steel and Coal will be more time consuming.

Thankfully, getting new workers is a super easy task. We’ll list a small guide below. Meanwhile, you can check out some more Frostpunk guides here.

Unlocking new Workers & Children

The main and easiest way to unlock new workers is by doing expeditions. To start doing expeditions, you will need to build the Workshop, which will allow you to unlock the technology tree.

Under the exploration & industry tab, unlock the beacon. It allows you to send scout teams through the wilderness to other locations. It will take a few in-game hours to research, and cost 20 wood and 35 steel to build. Set it up in your city, and prepare a scout team. You’ll get a nice little cinematic too!

You can scroll all the way out on your scroll wheel, or press the button in the top right corner to open the world map. Choose locations that you wish to scout, with the first being ‘The Lost Expedition’. With this first expedition, you will find up to 35 new people to join your city.

You will have to make the decision if you want to direct them back to your city, or if you want your scout team to actually escort them back safely. I’d choose the second option, as it ensures all the workers make it back safe and sound. You can keep repeating these exploration missions to bring in hundreds of workers in Frostpunk.

Make sure you have adequate shelters, food and heating ready for their arrival!

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