Frostpunk: How to Heat Homes & Tents


Before the final storm arrives in Frostpunk, you need to make sure that all of your homes and tents are warm enough. To be honest, if you are at least mid-way through a scenario, your workers should not be living in tents!

Tents provide the least amount of heat compared to a Bunkhouse or regular House. If the weather drops too low, not only will your residents become gravely ill, but they’ll most probably die.

In this guide, we’re going to show you how you can heat homes and increase the temperature of houses. We have covered a lot more Frostpunk Guides on our site, make sure to check them out!

Heating Homes

Firstly, just in case you didn’t know, you can see a heat map in-game. This allows you to see a thermal-like view, letting you know which areas are too cold, and ones where residents are living comfortably. You can access this menu by selecting the temperature icon at the top of the screen.

heat map frostpunk
Heat map

In this view, you can turn on heaters and manage steam hubs. Now getting into it, there are 3 types of shelter available for your workers and children.

These are tents which offer the lowest protection, then bunk houses which are mid-range and finally, normal houses. Obviously normal houses make the people of your city most comfortable, but they are the most expensive to build. You can always upgrade houses. Upgrading from a Bunkhouse to a regular house will lower the cost of materials.

Technology & Research

There are a few nodes of research which will be of massive help to you in Frostpunk. Whilst not all are necessary, some will allow you to dramatically increase the heating inside homes. Below, you can see the research tree, specifically on the heating page.

frostpunk technology tree heating tab keep houses warm
The Heating tab under the technology tree

Some nodes which you may want to prioritise are:

  1. Generator Efficiency Upgrades: Researching these will allow you to have the generator at higher levels, whilst also lowering coal consumption.
  2. Power Upgrade: Increases the amount of heat let off by generators. Therefor heating houses usually by an extra level.
  3. Generator Range Upgrade: Increase the range for heat let off by the generator. Makes it easier for houses to be within the heat zone.
  4. House Insulation: Increases the heat level of Houses by 1 level
  5. House Redesign: Reduces the resource cost of building houses.

These technology nodes alone should make your workers feel comfortable in the city. However, here are some extra tips.

  1. Build Steam Hubs to heat up homes not in range of the generator.
  2. Turn on Overdrive in the generator when the temperature drops too low.
  3. Upgrade your tents to bunk houses, and then to houses as soon as possible. Your city will thank you!
  4. Research heaters and turn them on to keep worker areas warm.
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