Frostpunk: How to keep your Workers & People Warm


Keeping your residents warm in Frostpunk is probably one of the most important tasks. If you’re workers become too cold, they will become more discontent, and possibly become ill. If workers become ill, they can’t work and will require medical attention.

On the off chance a worker becomes gravely ill, they can die. The main way that your people will become gravely ill is from getting hypothermia, from working on too cold days. If you want my advice, on an extra cold day, don’t have your people working unless you have heat sources near construction and resource gathering areas.

With heat and coldness becoming a very important mechanic in this game, we thought we’d put together a short guide on how to keep your city warm. Unless your on a more cold day, you usually only need to have your generator on at night time. However warm residents will increase the amount of hope.

Frostspunk can be difficult at first, I recommend possibly lowering the difficulty until you get used to the game and its mechanics. The image at the top of the screen shows a heat map, with hot and cold areas highlighted. You can access this map by clicking the temperature icon at the top of the screen.

Heating methods

When you first start the game, the main structure that you need to use is the Generator. Your first mission will be to gather 200 coal, and activate the generator for the first time. When the generator is on, it emits heat, warming up the surrounding area within a certain radius. At it’s early level, the generator will use up 6 coal per hour, so it’s important to stay on top of your resources and not to let any go to waste.

Once you start to expand your city and build further away from the generator, buildings will start getting colder. One of the first items at your disposal is the Steam Hub and Heaters. I recommend taking Steam Hubs first. They allow you to build them on the paths of your city, letting off heat in a large area at the cost of some coal per hour. Whilst heaters can be used on buildings to increase the warmth.

As you progress further through the research tree, more heating options will become available.

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