Frostpunk: How to mine Coal & Assign workers


After starting Frostpunk for the first time, one of the very first tasks involves you setting up around a giant generator. The first task assigned to you is to gather some Coal, 200 to be exact. Enough to start the generator. At the start, one pile of coal will give 500 pieces.

Finding Coal is relatively easy. You can find it scattered around the edges, deep in snow. The image above shows a pile, as well as the interface for managing it. As you can see, you can have up to 15 workers assigned to mine Coal at any time.

At the start of the game, you will start with 50 workers total. Using the interface, assign workers to go mining for you. As you can see on the image below, I have assigned 5 workers out of my 50 available to work at the coal pile.

Frostpunk how to mine coal
A Coal Pile in Frostpunk, as well as assigning workers

If you wish to mine an entire pile, you’ll want to assign all 15 workers. All 15 of them will be able to farm 18 pieces of Coal per hour, meaning it will take around 11 hours to get enough to power the generator. Remember, more piles are scattered around the map.

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