Frostpunk: How to Recall Scouts & Outpost teams


As the final storm approaches your city in Frostpunk, one of your tasks is to ‘Recall all Scouts & Outpost teams’. You will have around 7 in-game days to bring them home, before the storm kills them.

It’s possible to keep them out for a few days to keep bringing resources from outposts, or bring back any remaining survivors. However, they will die to the storm depending on their location, possibly around Day 3-4.

Recalling both teams

To recall all of your teams, you are going to need to disband them. Your expedition teams will need to return to the city first, so send them home. If needed, send them to already explored locations on the way home as it provides a slight speed boost. Once they have arrived at the city, select the Beacon and choose ‘Disband’. Your scouts will become workers again, and you will receive some of the wood back.

Recalling the Outpost teams in Frostpunk is a little different. To start, go to the map, or scout view. Select your currently active outposts, and choose ‘Dismantle Outpost’. This will shut the outpost down, and stop any resources from travelling between. Next, send the outpost team who worked that post back to the city. Just like the scout team, choose the Outpost Depot and disband the team.

That’s it. That’s how you recall all of your teams. It’s important to not dismantle any of the structures including Beacons or Outpost Depot as this will fail the mission.

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