Frostpunk: How to Rotate Buildings


One small thing that isn’t really mentioned to you during the tutorials in Frostpunk is that you can actually rotate the buildings. All this does is change the actual rotation of the model, and not the zone it builds in.

In most cases, you can rotate a building 4 times, to have it on each side. Rotating a building doesn’t mean it will fit into smaller gaps, or that you can try and go for some crazy city layouts. This would be a great feature though, as it’s been bothering me how some things just don’t line up. When you have a row of tents, the next row of tents behind are on a completely different alignment.

It also isn’t noted in the control settings either. There is no key bind option for rotating buildings. So it seems you’re supposed to discover this one yourself!

How to rotate buildings & structures

You can only rotate a building whilst actually putting it down in Frostpunk. After a building has been placed, it can’t be moved or rotated. You will have to destroy it if you wish to do that.

When placing a building, press down on the middle mouse button, which is the scroll wheel. Don’t scroll up or down, as this will just zoom in and out. You actually have to press it down. If you’re on a laptop, or don’t have a mouse wheel, you might be out of luck for now.

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