Frostpunk: How to send Relief Expeditions

how to send relief expeditions in frostpunk

When dealing with the New Manchester story-line during The Arks scenario, you need to provide relief for New Manchester. in Frostpunk This is an option, you can choose to leave them to die of course. However if you do decide to help, you will need to send 3 relief expeditions.

These expeditions will start by carrying materials to send shelter. Next, Coal to get the generator running. Finally, you need to send Raw Food to feed everyone over there. To send each of these automatons, you will need to use multiple automatons.

Sending a Relief Expedition can seem quite confusing in Frostpunk, as the option to do so is hidden. Check out more Frostpunk guides here.

How to start a Relief Expedition

With a ticking clock, stress it at its highest! You can start sending a Relief Expedition through the Beacon. It may be hidden, as you may be asked to set up scout teams instead, and the Relief Expedition option is hidden.

Relief Expeditions frostpunk
The interface on the Beacon where you can setup Relief Expeditions

Use the little arrow icon found in the interface to switch between possible teams. As soon as you click the + Button, the materials that New Manchester requires will be taken, as well as a free automaton.

Unfortunately, after you send off an automaton, it doesn’t come back. You’re going to need to craft around 7 automatons to send to New Manchester and to get these expeditions going. Once New Manchester have received their resources, they’re going to ask for more, so be ready!

new Manchester received resources
New Manchester will want more resources from you


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