Frostpunk: How to Start Over and Play a New Game


Not happy with how your city is turning out so far in Frostpunk? Thankfully, you can start over whenever you want.

If you exit to the main menu, there is no ‘New game’ option available, or a way to delete your old save. In this short guide, we’ll show you how you can start again, and get a fresh game going!

Starting a new game

The new game option is actually quite hidden. Instead of looking to delete your old save, instead go into ‘Select Scenario’. It will be the second option down in the list. You’re most likely going to want to choose ‘A new home’.

Before proceeding, this is your one chance to change any of the difficulty settings for Frostpunk, as you can’t change them in game.

You can change the following options before proceeding:

  1. Peoples Needs: Changes how likely people are to get sick, and changes how filling food will be, allowing them to go for longer or less.
  2. Economy: Effects how fast resources are gathered, how many spawn and how fast technology is researched.
  3. Weather: Changes how cold temperatures get, and how often cold days will hit.
  4. Society’s attitude: Changes how your workers react to good or bad events. Effects the Hope and Discontent meter.

Once you’re happy, choose ‘Start’ towards the bottom left. If you do in fact want to delete your old save, choose the ‘Load’ button whilst in-game. Find your previous save and hit delete. Also make sure to save your new game whilst in this menu.

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