Frostpunk: How to Stockpile Coal


Coal is one of the most important resources in Frostpunk. It’s required to power the generator, which in turn will keep your workers warm. You will need to provide heating to houses, buildings and all areas of your new city if you want it to thrive. In this short guide, we’re going to show you how to stockpile Coal.

You can never have too much coal. I usually have over 10,000 when the final storm hits, maybe even 15,000. Although at the start of the game, you’ll find that you can only hold a few hundred.

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Storing Coal

As soon as you have an automatic Coal supply using Automatons, you’ll find yourself running out of space real fast. The solution for this is building some Resource Depots. It’s also important to note that you are going to need to build tens of depots to store even just Coal. You will likely also need some to store extra food, wood and steel.

frostpunk resource depots coal stockpile
A lot of Resource Depots inside my city

Resource Depots can be built straight away, and provide a permanent solution for stockpiling Coal. Although if you plan on using them, you’re going to want to upgrade them.

By using a Workshop, you can research ‘Resource Depot Upgrade’, which will allow the Depots to hold 50% more resources. Researching this is pretty much mandatory.

frostpunk how to stockpile coal
Resource Depot Upgrade in the Technology Tree

That covers this guide! If you want to find out how to collect more Coal, you should use Automatons on Coal Mines. Automatons run 24 hours, making resource gathering much easier. You also don’t have to risk your workers getting cold.

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