Frostpunk: How to Survive the Final Storm


GamingFrostpunk: How to Survive the Final Storm

Close to the end of A New Home in Frostpunk, scientists will alert you that there is a terrible storm coming. You will have around 15 days to prepare, with some tasks being given to you. These tasks are:

  1. Save Survivors at Ice Crevasse, Snow Burrows and Deep Hollow
  2. Recall all Outpost & Expedition teams
  3. Research Generator Power Upgrade III
  4. Research Overdrive Couplings
  5. Gather a weeks worth of food rations

The temperature will begin to drop dramatically during the storm, reaching a low of 150 degrees. In this guide, we’re going to give you some tips and tricks for enduring the storm and keeping your City alive.

what looms ahead the final storm
Your first view of the final storm

Tips for Surviving the final storm

  1. Make use of Automatons. Have them working all available coal mines. You are going to need as much coal as possible to make it through the storm. You can research Automaton Integration to increase the effectiveness of Automatons.
  2. Build Resource Depots to store all of your extra resources. You may need to build tens of them to store everything.
  3. When the storm is close, build an extra ten or so hunters huts and send more hunters. This will help you reach your food ration goal.
  4. Research everything available in the heating section. You want to ensure you have the maximum efficiency for Heaters, Steam Hubs and the Generator.
  5. Ensure that all necessary buildings have the heaters turned on. Buildings will become cold during the storm, causing people to get sick or die.
  6. A lot of your city residents will die if they are living in tents or bunk houses. Ideally, everyone needs to be living in a house. Research house insulation to increase the heating level of houses by 1.
  7. Have the generator running at its maximum level throughout the entire storm. You will need to turn on the Overdrive at around -120.
  8. The Coal Mines are always going to collapse, and you will need to decide whether you want to send people in or not. They will die in most cases. If you have enough coal stored, you can leave it.
  9. The Refugee Crisis will take up a lot of beds, in houses and in medical posts. Feel free to only take in the healthy ones, leaving the gravely ill to perish.
  10. You only have to deal with the Storm at its coldest level for 1 day. Then the weather will go back to normal, and the story will end.
How to survive the final storm in frostpunk
Surviving the final storm
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