Frostpunk: How to use Emergency Shift & Extended Hours


GamingFrostpunk: How to use Emergency Shift & Extended Hours

Some of the first laws that you might sign in Frostpunk are Emergency Shift & Extended hours. If you haven’t chosen these ones, you definitely should as they are probably the most useful in the game.

Emergency Shifts allow you to have your call for your workers to work for the next 24 hours in a selected building. Most of the times, you’ll probably use this at the workshop, sot that you can have your workers research more technologies.

Whilst Extended Hours allows you to have a building working from 06:00 to 20:00, instead of 08:00 to 18:00. This increases the working hours from 10 hours to 14, which again is useful in buildings that gather resources or workshops.

Even though discontent may rise, the pros usually outweigh the cons and you will find that the discontent drops fast.

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Starting an Emergency or Extended Shift

To use Emergency Shifts or Extended Shifts, you first need to select the building you want to apply it too. Some buildings that work are Resource Collection, Factories, Workshops and cook houses.

Select the building, and look in it’s interface on the right hand side. Below, I have outlined the areas with a red line.

frostpunk how to use an emergency or extended shift
Start a shift by using the abilities

To start an Emergency Shift, which will make your workers work for the next 24 hours, tap the clock icon. It has a 2 day cool down, and will raise discontent. There is a chance that workers will also die from being over worked.

Whilst to start extended shifts, use the toggle on the left hand side. Extended Shifts are permanent, until you change it back. Discontent might rise when you first do it, but should be easy to bring back down.

Once you have constructed enough automatons, you will be able to have most of your buildings and resource collectors working 24 hours a day with no disadvantages.

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