Frostpunk: Choose Order or Faith in the Book of Laws?


GamingFrostpunk: Choose Order or Faith in the Book of Laws?

After discovering the fate of Winterhome in Frostpunk, you will have to choose a new book of laws. You will have the choice of Order, or Faith. Each one offers unique buildings and abilities to the game, and heavily effects the hope and discontent of your workers.

It doesn’t make too much of a difference on what book of laws you choose. It just changes how you run your city. Below, you can find all of the laws that each option provides in Frostpunk.

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Faith Laws

Law Description
House of Prayer Adds a new building, the house of prayer as well as the Sermon ability. People who live near a house of prayer will gather to pray, raising their hope.
Shrines New buildable objects, Shrines. Shrines will raise the hope of people working nearby, effectively increasing the efficiency in nearby workplaces.
Field Kitchen New building added, the Field Kitchen, providing food to nearby workers. It will raise the temperature of nearby workplaces by 1 level.
Evening Prayer Adds a new ability to the temple, called Evening Prayer. Allows your residents and workers to pray together, increasing hope on each use.
The Temple New building, the Temple, which raises hope and lowers discontent. Ceremonial Service ability added which raises hope on use.
House of Healing Houses of Healing don’t require engineers, treats the gravely ill and gives all patients a small hope bonus.
Faith Keepers New Faith Keepers building added. Faith Keepers will break up protests. Nighttime procession ability reduces discontent.
People will reveal information on who is stealing resources, as well as lowering discontent when resources are uncovered.
Public Penance New ability: Public Penance. Each use will raise hope and lower discontent, but it can cause injuries.
Protector of the truth Captains Words ability added, which greatly reduces content when used.
NEW FAITH Hope will never be a problem again, public execution space built. Some heretics will die, and people will try to fight this law.

Order Laws

Law Description
Neighbourhood Watch Watchtower building added, which increase the hope of residents living nearby.
Morning Gathering Each morning, people will gather to discuss goals and priorities which will slightly increase hope.
Foreman New ability: Foreman. This ability will increase the efficiency of a workplace by 40% for 24 hours.
Patrol Patrol ability added to guard stations. Each use will reduce discontent and raise hope.
Prison The Prison building can be built. New ability ‘Wrongdoers’ will be used to catch criminals. Criminals will abandon misguided views.
Propaganda Centre The Propaganda centre raises hope and shows detailed sources of discontent. It can also distribute bulletins, raising hope.
Agitator New building added, Agitator which will raise the efficiency of nearby workplaces by 20%.
Place of Loyalty People will be persuaded to sign a pledge of loyalty, which will turn them into secret informers providing a hope bonus.
Forceful Persuasian A new ability is added to the prison, Forceful Persuasion. Using it will reduce prisoners time spent in Prison.
Guard Stations Guard Stations can be built, raising the hope and lowering discontent of people living nearby. Guards will break up protests.
NEW ORDER Hope will never be a problem again, public execution space built. Some public enemies will die, and people will try to fight this law.
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