GoodBye TellTale Games


It is never nice to see a game development company go under, they work so hard doing what they love to bring you the games that you enjoy. Telltale Games has officially gone under, to say I am surprised by this would be an understatement, they seemed to be a dominating company in recent years then again we never do know what goes on behind closed doors. Their episodic adventures were a treat, waiting in anticipation for the next episode to come out after previously ending on a cliff hanger was a feeling I won’t soon forget.

There is no question that you have heard of this company, everyone in the gaming world knows about Telltale Games given their extensive library of stories they’ve created. Many of these stories have been based around a television or gaming series that was already well known and popular. The Walking Dead season 1 is what propelled this company to Stardom, the story of Lee and Clementine captured the heart of many players leaving them wanting more following the end of what was a truly sad journey. The Walking Dead season 2 was released upon the success of its predecessor with season 3’s episodes currently being released one at a time, unfortunately the demise of Telltale does raise the question of “will we ever see the end of Clementines story?”

Aside from the much loved Walking Dead this company also ventured into the worlds of Game of Thrones, Borderlands, Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy. Each Story they told was well thought out with a great flowing tale, if you are a fan of any of the aforementioned franchises yet have never experienced what this game developer had to offer then I have to recommend giving the episodic game series a go. While I personally love the comic books as well as the movies portraying the Arkham Knight I never could get into the Telltale series for Batman. This was a real shame for me, as excited as I was I found the game to have a slow start making it too difficult for me to find myself invested, many other Batman games out there that had me captivated.

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I wouldn’t say that there are any particularly bad games overall, more a case of I may have lacked the patience in some instances. However on the flip side of this, I thoroughly enjoyed their masterpiece known as The Wolf Among Us and The Guardians of The Galaxy. The latter could be my never ending love for the guardians or it could simply be that the game was well thought out, it felt like the choices made really mattered, and it was hard to forget the emotions it pulled out of me particularly in episode 3.

While I may not have been entirely invested in everything Telltale Games gave us they still gave me some gaming memories I am fond off, be it deciding the ending of Walking Dead season 1, experiencing Rockets heartache or overcoming incredible odds to thrive in the world of Westeros. A heartfelt thank you to this amazing game development company, they brought out many great stories that so many people enjoyed. If the other companies such as Ubisoft for example are in need of some experienced developers I hope they take on board some of the many unfortunate people who have lost their job over this unexpected event.

Thanks again Telltale games, through the highs and lows there are many great memories that will always be cherished by all the people you brought joy to.

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