Graveyard Keeper: Blacksmith Location


You’re introduced to the Blacksmith quite early on into Graveyard Keeper. When you first visit the tavern, you will be given a quest to deliver a letter to the blacksmith.

In return, you are given a free beer. You can take this beer to Gerry later on, so make sure you don’t buy one and waste your money.

Meeting the blacksmith also provides perks of its own. You gain access to the grindstone, where you can repair tools. As well as access his shop, where you can buy iron parts, nails and more useful materials.

Below, we have the exact location of the Blacksmith as well as a map view. Whilst we have more guides available for Graveyard Keeper here.

Finding the Blacksmith

First, here is a map view of the blacksmiths location. It’s the building on the bottom right of the map, where my cursor is pointing at. When you’re outside the tavern, head south, then east along the path.

blacksmith on the map
Map view of the Blacksmith

You will spot the Blacksmith Krezvold outside his house working at the anvil most of the time. Below is a screenshot of the blacksmiths hut and surrounding area.

blacksmith hut
Outside the Blacksmith hut

When an NPC can be spoken too, they have a small chat bubble above their head.

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