Graveyard Keeper: Controls List & Key Bindings

graveyard keeper list of controls

So far, Graveyard Keeper has proven itself to be an interesting and immersive game. There are a lot of quests to complete and areas to explore. Thankfully, you can do all this with so few controls.

There aren’t any complex mechanics, making Graveyard Keeper feel like a fun, stress free and relaxing experience. Below, we’re going to tell you the default controls for PC. Unfortunately, we don’t have the controls for Xbox One right now, however we’ll come back and update the post when we do.

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List of Controls

Whilst in-game, you can open up the controls list by opening the main menu. Do this by pressing the start button on your controller of ESC on a keyboard. Choose the ‘Controls’ option.

As I mentioned earlier, the game doesn’t have a lot of controls, so they shouldn’t be too hard to memorise and get used to. Here is a screenshot from in-game.

control list graveyard keeper
List of controls

To break these down, you can move your character with WASD. This is the standard on pretty much every game. E is the interact key, which you will use to pick up items and interact with objects. F is set to work, which is where your character works on crafting and doing activities. SPACE is set to attack (when you have a sword), whilst TAB opens the game menu.

I, T, N and M open up specific tabs of the menu. Specifically I for inventory, T for technology, N for NPCs and M for Map. Use the number keys 1-4 to use your hot bar, where you can place potions and other useful items. Whilst finally, you can pause the game using ESC.


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