Graveyard Keeper: How to Equip Items, Weapons & Tools

how to equip items in graveyard keeper

As soon as you start playing Graveyard Keeper, you will be provided with some basic tools to get you started. These are called Rusty tools, and are more than enough to get you started when it comes to working.

Before you can do any of that, you will need to actually equip the tools into the right slots. You will likely be stuck with your rusty tools until you get some upgrades, then you will replace them.

Equipping items is simple, and we’ve explained how to do it below. If you want to check out some more Graveyard Keeper guides, check out our dedicated area.

Equipping Items

The first thing that you need to do is open up the character screen, or your inventory. The quickest way to do this is by pressing I on PC. Otherwise, you can press TAB to open the game menu, then choose ‘Character’ at the top of the screen.

equip items
No items equipped

You will be shown the interface above. In the middle of the window, you can see all of the items you have equipped as well as the bonuses they are providing to your character. As you can see on the image above, everything says ‘Not equipped’.

item equipped and bonus
Equip by selecting items

To equip an item, select it in the left side of your inventory. All you have to do is click it and it will be equipped. You will see the slot fill up in the centre, as well as show the effectiveness of the tool.


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