Graveyard Keeper: How to Get Flitch


GamingGraveyard Keeper: How to Get Flitch

Flitch is one of the first wooden materials that you will require in Graveyard Keeper. One of it’s first requirements would have to be for the Carpenter’s Workbench. Which is needed to make repair kits for graves.

It’s a tier 1 resource, and doesn’t have many requirements to obtain. Flitch can later be turned into other materials, such as wooden planks.

Below, we have a guide for obtaining and making your own Flitch. If you want to read some more guides for Graveyard Keeper, we have a large collection available here.

Making Flitch

To start, you will need to make a Sawhorse. Do this by using the crafting station in your yard, just outside the house. Build the sawhorse and place it down somewhere in your yard. The below screenshot shows the desk you can use to build the Sawhorse.

yard crafting station
Use the crafting station in your yard

Once built, you need to chop down some trees and collect the logs. Logs should be placed in the storage box outside your house. Again, check the below screenshot for reference.

put logs into storage
Place logs into your storage

Now when you use the Sawhorse, it will detect the logs in the storage and you’ll be able to use it. From the sawhorse, you can choose Flitch and how many you want to make. One wood log can make 6 flitch.

make flitch
Create flitch in the sawhorse

You will have to work to create the flitch, so it will use up your energy. The flitch will go into your inventory and you should receive 2 red points per one created.

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