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GamingGraveyard Keeper: How to get Nails

Nails are an important crafting resources available in Graveyard Keeper, used for the construction and repairing of many items. Thankfully, they’re easier to get than Simple Iron Parts.

Creating some of the workbenches will require nails, whilst trunks also require nails. If you are planning on repairing the bridge found West of your graveyard, that is going to cost 8 nails.

There are multiple methods for obtaining nails in Graveyard Keeper, we have listed them below. Whilst here at PwrDown, we have covered many more guides available for the game which can be found here.

Buying Nails

You might not be able to craft nails just yet. It requires that you research technology, as well as having a furnace and anvil set up. Therefor, you will need to buy them at the start of the game.

buy nails blacksmith
Buy nails from the blacksmith

Head to the blacksmith, found in the South East corner of the village. He will sell you them for around 60 copper each. You can obtain in-game currency by burying bodies and selling the death certificate to the tavern.

Before buying nails, there are 3 barrels in the village which can be destroyed with your sword. These have a chance of dropping nails. Whilst you can also go into the cellar beneath your house and destroy the barrels. These may also drop nails and other useful resources.

Crafting Nails

Before being able to craft nails, you will need to unlock ‘Primitive Technology’, found under the smithing section of the technology tree. This will allow you to make an anchor, nails and simple iron parts.

unlock primitive technology
Unlock Primitive Technology

Next, head out to the blueprint desk, found just to the left of your house. In here, you can craft an anvil and place it down.

craft nails at anvil
Craft nails at an anvil

Interact with the anchor. You will notice than you can make nails for iron ingots. If you don’t know how to get Iron Ingots, you need to mine iron ore and smelt it in a furnace to get ingots.

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