Graveyard Keeper: How to get Simple Iron Parts


GamingGraveyard Keeper: How to get Simple Iron Parts

Simple Iron Parts are so important in Graveyard Keeper. Most recipes and actions in the game seem to require them. Unfortunately, they’re also pretty hard to get your hands on them early on in the game where you need them most.

Whilst you can buy Simple Iron Parts from vendors, you can also craft them yourself by using an anvil. Some uses for Simple Iron Parts are clearing the cellar below your house and building crafting stations in your yard.

Below, you can find some ways for obtaining Simple Iron Parts in Graveyard Keeper. Whilst you can find more guides for the game here.

Buying & Finding Simple Iron Parts

The Blacksmith who can be found in the South East part of the Village sells simple iron parts. This is the easiest way to obtain them at the start of the game, at least until you build an anvil.

graveyard keeper purchase simple iron parts
Buy Iron Parts from the Blacksmith

You can purchase the Iron Parts for around 60 copper each. The easiest way to get money would be to bury bodies in the graveyard and sell the burial certificate to the tavern.

Meanwhile, there are 3 barrels in the village which can be destroyed with your sword. These have a small chance of dropping iron parts. Inside the cellar under your house, you can also find half destroyed barrels which drop loot when destroyed. You may find iron parts here too.

Crafting Simple Iron Parts

To actually craft Simple Iron Parts yourself, you first need to unlock ‘Primitive Forging’ in the technology tree. It can be found under the Smithing section and costs 10 red points. Primitive Forging allows you to craft a Wooden Anvil, Nails and Simple Iron Parts.

make a wooden anvil
Craft a wooden anvil

Once you’ve unlocked the Wooden Anvil, you can place it in your yard. Head over to the yard crafting station, located just to the left of your house. Look for wooden anvil and place it down somewhere.

craft iron simple parts
The cost to make 3 iron parts is 1 iron ingot

At a wooden anvil, you can craft 3 Simple Iron Parts for 1 Iron Ingot. If you don’t know how to actually get Iron Ingots, you need to mine for Iron Ore and smelt it at a furnace.

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