Graveyard Keeper: How to Make Wooden Grave Fence

how to make wooden graveyard fences

One of the first tasks you need to complete in Graveyard Keeper is get your graveyard to +5 quality score. You can do this by removing bushes, fixing graves and burying bodies into empty graves.

There are multiple tiers of grave decorations, from wooden fences to stone fences. Each one providing a higher value when it comes to grave quality. You can craft wooden headstones and grave fences relatively early on in the game, as long as you research the right technology.

Below, you can find our guide for building wooden grave fences in Graveyard Keeper, whilst we have more guides for the gave available here.

Creating Wooden Grave Fences

To begin, you will need to make a Carpenters workbench. We covered creating one of these in a previous guide, which can be found here. Although we will run you through it again anyway. Inside the technology tree, you will need to look for the Woodworking option, found in the building section.

This will allow you to build the carpenters workbench. Build it by using the blueprint station found just to the left of your house in-game. It requires Flitch and Simple Iron Parts.

build carpenters workbench
Build the carpenters workbench

Once built, interact with the Carpenters Workbench to be able to craft Wooden Grave Fences. You will need to unlock ‘Simple Gravestones’ under the Theology tree in the technology tab.

grave fences crafting graveyard keeper
Craft Wooden Grave Fences

Each wooden gravestone costs 1 plank, which can also be crafted in the Carpenters Workbench. Go to the materials section by pressing the icon of the 3 bars at the top. With your grave fences, you can head to your graveyard and begin placing them down around graves.


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