Graveyard Keeper: How to Repair & Fix Graves

how to fix graves in graveyard keeper

One of the main mechanics and tasks that you need to do in Graveyard Keepers is to repair graves in your church. Repairing the graves increases the overall quality, which is very important early game.

Before the Bishop will speak to you and open the Church, you need to get the quality of it to 5. You can do this by clearing bushes, repairing graves, building new graves and upgrading parts.

At the start of the game, you can customize your graves to have a headstone and fence, whether it be wood or stone. You’re provided with a few repair kits in a trunk to get you started.

Below, we have a guide for fixing and upgrading graves. Whilst we have more Grave Keeper guides available on our site.

Repairing Graves

First, head into your cemetery and choose a grave that you want to repair. You can interact with them by pressing E. This post only covers repairing.

If you want to add components, you need to build headstones and fences yourself at crafting stations. You’ll do this at a later point in the game.

choose what you want to repair
Choose which component you wish to repair

On the left, you can see the quality of the body. Whilst on the right, you can see what additions the grave has, the quality of them and the bonuses they provide. Every grave should have a headstone and a fence so that your cemetery is the highest quality possible.

fix gravestone
Choose the ‘Fix Gravestone’ option

Choose the item that you want to fix, whether it be the head stone or fence. In my case, I’m fixing a wooden cross which is severely damaged. Select it, and choose ‘Fix gravestone’ or ‘Fix fence’.

You can see the number of repair kits it costs, and the cost of energy. You can also choose to remove the component all together to put a new one down, or an upgraded version.

work on gravestone
Work on repairing the grave

Hold F to work on the grave stone. This will cost energy. You can refill your energy by going back to your house and sleeping. The overall quality of your graveyard should have increased. You can check in the top right corner.


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