Graveyard Keeper: How to Repair Tools & Weapons


Your tools can only be used so much before they inevitably break. If you head to the character screen, or your inventory by pressing I, you can see the efficiency of each of your tools.

Thankfully, they don’t break entirely like they do in Minecraft. They just become unusable, but remain in your inventory. Your character can repair the tools pretty easily and for pretty much no cost by heading into the village.

Below, we have a quick guide for repairing your tools. Whilst if you’re looking for more Graveyard Keeper guides, we have a dedicated section here.

Repairing Tools

To start, you need to have met the blacksmith. You’ll meet him when you deliver a letter to him from the tavern owner, which is early into the game. To show how grateful he is, he will allow you to use his Grindstone. As well as providing you with a whetstone.

blacksmith location
Map location of the blacksmith

The blacksmiths can be found in the bottom right corner of the village, where my cursor is pointed on the image above. Make sure you bring your broken tool and whetstone.

use the grindstone
Interact with the grindstone

Head over to the grindstone and interact with it. By default, you can do this with E on PC. Now we can start repairing tools!

repair broken tools with whetstone
Combine your broken tool with a whetstone to repair it

In the interface that pops up, you will see two empty slots. In the left slot, place your broken tool. Whilst in the right slot, place the Whetstone that the blacksmith gave you. Then hit ‘Craft’.

You will need to work at the grindstone, so it will use up your energy. If you don’t have enough energy, just go sleep and come back the next day. Once completed, your tool will be fully repaired!

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