Graveyard Keeper: How to Restore Energy

how to restore energy in graveyard keeper

Energy is a core mechanic in Graveyard Keeper, which may also be referred to as stamina. You can keep your eye on it in the top left corner of the screen. It is the large blue bar.

Most activities and movements in Graveyard Keeper will use up your stamina. Usually very small amounts, allowing you to get through your day. However, if you work too hard, you’ll notice it deplete.

When this happens, your character will no longer work on a task. A blue bit of text will pop up stating ‘Not enough energy’. Thankfully, you can restore it back up really easily and quickly.

not eneough energy graveyard keeper
The ‘Not enough energy’ message that pops up

To do so, check out our guide below. Meanwhile, if you’re looking for some more Graveyard Keeper guides, PwrDown has you covered here!

Restoring Energy

So, you only need to restore your energy once the bar reaches zero and you can no longer work. To do so, head home. It’s not far from the church, just up the path a little bit. If you can’t find it, open the map by pressing M and make your way there.

Go inside your house, and go to sleep. To do that, walk up to the bed and press E. Graveyard Keeper doesn’t require you to sleep at night like Stardew Valley does. You can stay out and work all night if you wish, or sleep all day.

sleep in bed
Go to sleep in your bed

As soon as you jump in bed, the screen will go black and you will just see your character sleeping. As he sleeps, the energy meter will quickly fill up, as seen on the image below.

restoring energy by sleeping
Your energy will restore around every second

You can press E to wake up. Either wake up when your energy bar is full, or when you are at a time that you want to work in, such as early morning. You can go to sleep whenever you want, no matter how much energy you have.

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