Graveyard Keeper: How to Throw Bodies in the River


After a good nights sleep in Graveyard Keeper, a ghost will pop up to you named Yorick. He will mention an annoying ghost, buried in the bottom right grave of the cemetery. You’ll be asked to dig up the body and throw it into the river.

There are alternate methods to disposing bodies, such as burning them. Although you will have to throw them in the river at the start of the game. You can still conduct autopsies on bodies and retrieve the parts from them.

Below, we have a quick guide for the location of the river where you will throw bodies into. Whilst we have a lot more content available for Graveyard Keeper here.

Throwing Bodies into the River

Start by actually exhuming the body. You can’t do this until you have an exhumation permission slip, which you will receive from Yorick.

exhume body
Exhume the body

Once you have the body, interact with it to pick it up. By default, this is the E key on PC. Head out of the graveyard and go left (left on your screen, so West). It will bring you to the river which has a broken bridge.

press E to throw body in river
Throw the body in the river by pressing E

Head to the edge of the river like on the screenshot above. A prompt will pop up, showing you how to throw the body. In my case, it’s E.

body floating in river
Body floating down the river

Your character will throw the body in and it will float down the river! If this is your first time doing so, Gerry will show up with some dialogue.

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