Graveyard Keeper: How to use Carpenter’s Workbench


One of the first quests that you will receive in Graveyard Keeper is to fix up the graveyard. You’ll need to clean up the graves and get it to a certain level. To do this, you’ll need wood and stone repair kits.

You may have seen that Wood repair kits can be made in the carpenters workbench. If you’ve walked around looking for it like I did, it doesn’t exist yet. It exists in the sense that it’s in the game, but you wont find it already placed down ready to use.

In this post, we’ll show you how to unlock and build the carpenter’s workbench in Graveyard Keeper. Whilst we have more guides covered here at PwrDown.

Carpenter’s Workbench

You will need to research the Carpenter’s Workbench. When you research this, you also get access to wooden repair kits for graves. To start, open up the game menu by pressing TAB, or T. Open the ‘Technologies’ area at the top. Then specifically, the building technologies.

unlock woodworking
Unlock Woodworking from the technologies tree

At the top, you will see a ‘Woodworking’ option. You will need to unlock it. To do that, you must also unlock previous nodes such as Sawing. Unlocking Woodworking gives the blueprint for Carpenter’s Bench, Wooden Planks and Wood Repair Kits.

build the workbench blueprint
Build the Workbench in your yard

Head over to this blueprint bench for your yard just to the left of the house. Here, you can use and build from your relevant blueprints. Choose the Carpenter’s Workbench and choose a location where you want to place it.

Hopefully you have the materials at hand already. If not, you can get the Wooden Planks from a Sawhorse. Place the workbench and you will be able to craft wood repair kits!

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