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GamingGraveyard Keeper: Lighthouse Location

The lighthouse is an important location in Graveyard Keeper. Its where you will find the Astrologer who has an important quest line. The astrologer is there to help you open up the portal located on Witch Hill.

With the map being covered up until you first visit areas, it can be very difficult to know where some places are. The Lighthouse for example is quite out of the way from the village and your church.

Thankfully, we have a guide below for finding the location of the lighthouse with the map and general directions. If you want to see some more guides for Graveyard Keeper, check out our dedicated area.

Finding the Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is located towards the far East of the village. It’s on a peninsula like terrain, which can be accessed by following the path out of the village.

lighthouse map location
Map showing the location of the lighthouse

Once you reach the lighthouse, you have to follow the path through the trees. If you are specifically looking for the astrologer, he is only there on certain days.

astrologer at the lighthouse
Astrologer at the lighthouse

The astrologer can be found near his telescope, whilst the fisher man is near the lighthouse entrance. To speak to the astrologer, head to the lighthouse when the symbol in the top left is set to the blue crescent moon. That is the only day he is there.

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