Graveyard Keeper: Where to Find Gerry

graveyard keeper where to find gerry

Gerry is your first friend in Graveyard Keeper, he’s a talking skull who’ll guide you on your journey. One of the first quests that you have to do yourself is ‘Get a beer from the tavern’. You’ll have to get a beer, then bring it back to Gerry.

Although he can be hard to find, as he says he’s waiting at his home. Here’s a tip for the beer quest too. Once you speak to the bar keeper at the tavern, he will give you a letter to take to the blacksmith. Complete this quest and he’ll give you a beer on the house, instead of having to pay for one!

Anyhow, in this quick guide, we’ll show you where you can usually find Gerry. If you want to check out some more guides for Graveyard Keeper, PwrDown has you covered.

Gerry’s Location

So putting it simple, you can find Gerry down in the morgue. If you don’t know where that is, take a look at your map. Open the map by pressing M, or TAB and going over to the map section. I have attached a version below.

morgue location on a map
The morgue on a map

As you can see, the morgue is just to the right of the graveyard. You go there at a very early point in the games story.

gerry location
Gerry in the morgue

When you head into the morgue, you’ll spot Gerry sitting on the crate near the autopsy table. Depending on the quest you are on, he may not be here all the time.

If you are confused as to what your current quests are, press TAB to open the game menu, then view the ‘Known NPCs’ section. In there, you can see a list of quests currently given to you by all the NPCs.


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