Green Hell: Co-Op Multiplayer IS Coming in Future Update


The developers of one of the latest survival games Green Hell recently posted a road map to their website and Steam. In this road map, Creepy Jar (the developers) talked about all of the updates they have planned. With one which stood out.

A ‘Co-op mode update’. That’s right. Fans of Green Hell have been requesting a multi-player mode before the game had even been released into Early Access.

road-map green hell
Road-map released by Creepy Jar

Whilst we don’t have a solid release date for the Co-Op mode, it’s supposedly coming in Spring 2019. That’s according to the road-map anyway. Before then, Creepy Jar plan to reveal an Animal Update, Water Update, Combat Update, Mud Building Update and release the full story mode.

From day one, Creepy Jar has endeavoured to make the best experience possible for our players with the focus being an engrossing, challenging single player game. True to our word, the push to 1.0 will see many requested features come to light but there was one constant request that we could no longer ignore. After polishing Green Hell to be a truly captivating single player game, we will work to deliver a properly instituted co-op mode. Creepy Jar

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