Green Hell: Default Controls & Key Bindings


Green Hell was recently released for PC. It’s a survival game where you are in the Amazon rain forest. Whilst the game is still in early access, it has a lot to offer!

Right now, the game only supports keyboard and mouse. There is no word on whether you will be able to use a controller in a future update. Unfortunately, it seems you’re also locked into the games controls currently, with no way to change them.

With Green Hell being an early access release, we will see lots of changes made constantly to the game. If you want to suggest ideas, I recommend you head over to the Steam discussion forums.

Below, we have an image showing all of the in-game controls, as well as a write up. If you want to check out some more content for Green Hell, PwrDown has you covered here.

List of Controls

Here are all of the current controls and key bindings for Green Hell. As I previously mentioned, it seems there is no current way to change them. When heading into the game menu, you can also see a diagram showing all of the key bindings.

  • Escape: Pause the game
  • 1,2,3 and 4: Weapon slots
  • W,A,S and D: Movement of your character
  • Q: Drop & Close
  • TAB: Open the Backpack
  • E: Action key
  • R: Block/Parry
  • T: Open Walkie-Talkie (hold)
  • F: Smart watch (hold)
  • G: Throw stone
  • SHIFT: Run
  • Left CTRL: Crouch
  • Space: Jump
  • C: Wheel Menu
  • N: Notebook
  • Left mouse button: Attack
  • Right mouse button: Expand menu
  • Scroll wheel up and down: Switch through smart watch menus
  • Scroll wheel button: Throw item

green hell controls and bindings
Diagram showing all of the controls

In-game, press Escape to go to the game menu. You will see a diagram in the bottom right area showing all of the controls and bindings.

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