Green Hell: How to get Rope


Rope is a very important crafting material in Green Hell. Often required to craft shelters and water collectors. It is used to tie components together in structures.

Luckily, Rope is super easy to obtain and not something you should have much trouble gathering. Although you can only hold limited amounts in your backpack.

We have a quick guide for obtaining rope in Green Hell below. If you want to check out some more guides for the game, check out our coverage here.

Finding Rope

In Green Hell, rope grows on trees (literally). When searching through the rain forest, you will often find a plant dangling down from trees. It’s called Liana. It looks like the image below.

green hell jungle rope liana
Liana, which grows on trees can be turned into rope

When you come across Liana, you can hold E to harvest it. It will instantly convert into rope in your backpack.

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