Green Hell: How to get Stone


Stones are one of the most important crafting materials in Green Hell. One of their most common choices would have to be for the creation of stone tools.

Whilst Stone is incredibly valuable and useful, they also seem to be quite hard to find at times. You can explore an entire area and if you aren’t looking down, you’ll completely miss them all.

Luckily, there are a few methods for obtaining stone in Green Hell. We’ve listed them below, whilst we have more Green Hell guides available here.

Gathering Stone

The easiest way to collect stone is by just finding it on the floor. It is dotted around the map randomly, and comes in different variations. You can find regular stones, or big stones.

You may also find wooden sticks, which are also very useful. Both these resources are infinite, and can always be found on the ground.

pick up stones from the ground
Pick up regular stones from the ground

If you come across big stones, these can be turned into regular ones. You will find them randomly when looking around. They can’t go into your backpack, instead you pick them up.

harvest big stones
Harvest big stones

To turn them into regular stones, interact with them and choose ‘Harvest’. You get around 3 stones per harvest.

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