Green Hell: How to make an Axe


As soon as you complete the tutorial in Green Hell, you are chucked straight into the survival mode. You’re left to survive in the forest by yourself, with nobody there to guide you.

As you can probably guess, one of the first items that you will need to craft will be a Stone Axe. This is one of the first tools you’ll use which will allow you to farm logs and different types of sticks. Which in turn allows you to build a fire, shelter and fight enemies.

The guide below covers creating a basic stone axe. You can find more Green Hell guides available here at PwrDown.

Crafting an Axe

To start, open up the crafting menu. Do this by holding down C and choosing ‘Craft’ from the wheel. You can use the image below for reference.

open crafting menu
Open the crafting menu

A view of your backpack will be shown, as well as all of its contents. You can use the buttons in the top left to look through all the different sections. To craft a stone axe, you need to combine a stick and a stone on the right hand side.

combine and stick and stone green hell
Combine a stone and stick to craft a stone axe

Both sticks and stones can be found lying around the map. Whilst you can also knock down trees to obtain sticks and harvest big stones to get regular stones. Once you have placed these items in the crafting area, press Craft near the top of the screen.

craft and equip axe
Press craft to create your axe and equip it

The stone axe will be inside your backpack, ready to be equipped and used. Unfortunately, stone axes don’t have much durability and will break pretty quick. You can keep an eye on an items durability by checking the bottom right corner of the screen.

If you need to make another stone axe at a later point in the game, just repeat these steps. Recipes like this one and more can be found in your Notebook. Which can be opened by pressing N in-game.

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