Green Hell: How to make Bandages


Bandages are always necessary in Green Hell. You’ll need them to cover up any wounds to allow them to heal and not get infected. It’s recommended that you always keep extra bandages in your backpack.

If you get into combat with any of the natives, you’re likely going to end up being hit multiple times. Leaving large gashes in your skin which will need to be covered. Whilst simple problems like a rash also need bandages.

Whilst the tutorial at the start of Green Hell teaches you how to craft bandages, you may have forgotten. We’ve got a quick guide below, whilst we have covered many more guides for Green Hell, available here.

Crafting Bandages

To craft a bandage, you will need to harvest the plant ‘Molineria’. You are introduced to it in the tutorial, it has yellow flowers coming off of it. You can harvest it by hitting it with your axe until it is destroyed.

molineria plant green hell
Find the Molineria plant and destroy it

You will find the plant in your backpack. Select it and choose ‘Craft’. It should show up on the crafting area on the right hand side.

turn leaves into bandages
Turn the leaves into bandages

You can turn a single Molineria leaf into a Leaf bandage, which can be applied to a wound. Hold C and choose inspect to check your body for any wounds or diseases.

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