Green Hell: How to Save Game


When I first started playing Green Hell, one mistake that I kept making was leaving the game assuming it would save. So many times I just exited and assume I had an auto-save somewhere.

Eventually, I figured it was a bug and that the game didn’t save at all in the current state. Silly, I know. Thankfully, I dd find out that there is a way to manually save so that you can come back at a later point.

You’ll need to save quite often, as if your character dies, you will need to restore from the last saved point. You can find our quick guide below, whilst we have more guides available for Green Hell here.

Saving the Game

You won’t be able to save until you have somewhere to sleep. That means you will need to craft either a bed or shelter. Similar to how it works in The Forest.

save game option
Save Game

I crafted a small tent that I can sleep in made out of palm leaves. If you hover your mouse over it, the main action will say ‘Sleep’. But if you move your mouse round a little more, you should find a ‘Save game’ option.

You can save as many times as you want and whenever you want. Your last save will be used as a restore point, and also where you will load from. There are 4 save slots available too.


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