Green Hell: Where to find a Dry Leaf


GamingGreen Hell: Where to find a Dry Leaf

When progressing through the tutorial in Green Hell, one task has you lighting a fire. You will need to craft the fire, then use a hand drill to light it. Unfortunately, you’ll learn soon enough that there is another task to complete.

The drill won’t work without any ember. A game prompt will mention looking for Dry Leaves, Fibre or Birds Nests. Whilst either will work, finding a dry leaf is definitely the easiest option.

Initially, I struggled with this task as I couldn’t find any of these items anywhere. With a bit of trial and error, a dry leaf was finally found! You can find our guide below, whilst we have more guides available for Green Hell here.

Finding Dry Leaves

Look around the general area for trees that have palm leaves. A good example would be the one on the image below.

tree with brown leaves
Look for this type of tree, which has brown leaves

Whilst the majority of leaves coming off it are green and vibrant, there is the occasional brown one. These are dry leaves, and work with the hand drill to ignite the fire. To obtain them, just knock down the tree with your axe/machete.

pick up the dry leaf
Pick up the dry leaf

On the ground, you’ll see the remnants of the tree, mostly consisting of leaves and sticks. In the pile, you will find the occasional dry leaf. Pick it up.

put dry leaf on fire
Put the dry leaf on the fire and use the hand drill to ignite it

Now to use the hand drill, head into your inventory by pressing TAB. Find the hand drill and choose the ‘Use’ option. Combine it with a dry leaf and it will ignite the fire.

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