Green Hell: Where to find Banana Leaf


If you plan on building a water collector, you will find that you require banana leaves. You may make the mistake I did, which was searching the rain forest for banana trees to harvest their leaves.

This isn’t necessary at all. You can collect a banana leaf from just about anywhere in the forest. A few variations of trees and plants have them. Using your axe, you can harvest them pretty easily.

We have a quick guide below for finding banana leaves. Whilst we have covered more guides for Green Hell, available here.

Collecting Banana Leaves

When looking for a banana leaf, you’re specifically looking for a tree which has curved leaves with no holes inside. Hence why they’re perfect for the water collector. Palm leaves are stringy and flat, where as banana leaves are banana shaped and act as a funnel.

banana leaves on a tree
A tree which has banana leaves. They are curved and don’t have holes

The tree on the image above has banana leaves. Use an axe to chop it down. The leaves will drop to the ground where you can pick them up.

pick up leaves on the ground
Pick up leaves from the ground

You can only carry around 6 leaves at a time. So you will need to make multiple trips to build a water collector.

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