Grim Soul: Building Floors & Walls to make a House

Grim Soul is very similar to Last Day on Earth, with the game basically being almost identical. One system that is identical across both games is the building system.

You will need to build a base in your home land, so that you can craft new items as well as store all of your stuff. Storing it will require that you build chests. Having a base also allows you to defend from any attacks and raids.

The building system is very intuitive and easy to use thankfully. You can find our guide for building a base below. Meanwhile, we have more guides available for Grim Soul here.

Building a House in Grim Soul

To start, hit the construction button. It can be found directly under your minimap on the left hand side. On the image below, it has a small ‘1’ next to it.

Building button under minimap grim soul
Look for the build mode button, under the minimap

The construction menu will appear at the bottom of the screen. Your options are to craft floors, walls, doors and windows. They all cost 2 logs each, except for floors which are only one log.

building floors in grim soul
Placing down floor pieces

You just tap on the screen where you want to place the item. Wall pieces can only be built on top of floor pieces. When you are happy with the position, press the tick icon. Any furniture items that you build such as chairs or chests can be found in the ‘Devices’ tab.

upgrade floors and wall grim soul
Upgrade parts at a later point of the game to make your base stronger

These are the lowest tier of wood and walls, meaning that they are weak and will likely be destroyed in any raid that takes place. To combat this, you can upgrade any building parts quite easily.

Head into build mode, choose an object by tapping it and look for the green arrow. Upgrading a floor piece to the next tier costs 10 stone and 10 planks. Meanwhile, you can also delete any building pieces by pressing the demolish icon after selecting them.

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