Grim Soul: How to Change your Player Name

change your name in grim soul

When you first sign up and play Grim Soul, you will be given a default character name. Usually Player######. It is in fact possible to change this, so that you can set your own name.

This just changes how your base appears on the map, and will possibly affect the game in the future if a multiplayer system is added. Right now, the players you encounter when exploring are bots, and the other bases in the area are also AI.

You can find our guide below for changing your character name. Meanwhile, we have more Grim Soul guides here.

Change your name in Grim Soul

To start, open up your inventory. You can find the icon for it underneath the minimap. When your on the screen below, tap your player name in the top right corner.

choose your name in the corner
Choose your name in the top right corner

Go ahead and choose a new player name. You shouldn’t have to worry about having the same name as someone else, so choose whatever you wish. When you’re happy, press the OK button.

new character name grim soul
Pick a new name for your character

Once saved, your character will have the new name. It will display in-game for your character and on the map for your base.

save your new name
Save the changes

This change is permanent. Although you can go back and repeat the process whenever you want to change your name again.

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