Grim Soul: How to get Copper Ore

grim soul copper ore

Copper Ore is one of the first resources that you will need to collect in Grim Soul. The first mission that you receive is to build a raven cage, so that you can send letters.

You may have realised that crafting the Raven Cage costs 5 copper. Thankfully, it’s really easy to collect. Once you have all the copper you need, you can go ahead and carry on crafting the Raven Cage to get that quest out the way and collect your reward!

You can find our guide for finding Copper Ore below, whilst we have more guides available for Grim Soul here.

Copper in Grim Soul

Before actually collecting any copper, you need to get yourself a pic-axe. You can craft a pic-axe from level one by opening the crafting menu. It costs 2 pieces of wood and 2 stone, which you can collect by picking up off the floor in the starting area.

stone pick copper bird cage
Build a Stone Pick to mine the Copper Rocks

Once you have a Stone Pick, look around your starting area, mainly around the middle. You will find Copper Ore rocks, which look like the image below. Just hit them with your pick to collect the Copper out of them.

collecting copper ore in grim
Mining Copper Ore

When you have depleted all of the resources in your base, you need to venture out to new areas. Start with 1 skull areas and work your way up. You should be able to get yourself a constant supply of Copper Ore.

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