Grim Soul: How to make Storage Chests

how to make chests in grim soul

In Grim Soul, you end up running out of space pretty fast. After all, your character can only hold 10 items at the start of the game. As soon as you explore a new area, your backpack will instantly fill up.

Whilst this guide is about building chests, we also recommend you build some storage early on. Build a Ragged Sack as soon as possible to provide you with an extra 5 storage slots. It costs 2 Rope and 4 Flax to craft.

ragged sack inventory grim soul
Craft a Ragged Sack to get more inventory space

Chests work in a tier system, meaning as you progress through the game and level up, you can build better variations where they will hold more items. The first type of chest that we can craft is the ‘Peasant Chest’, which only holds 10 objects.

Below, you can find our guide for building chests and getting more storage in Grim Soul. We have more guides available here, if you’re looking for more content!

Crafting Chests in Grim Soul

To start, open the Designs/Crafting menu. It’s the icon in the bottom centre of the screen, which looks like a hammer inside a piece of paper. Here, you can learn the recipe for the Peasant Chest.

grim soul learn chest
Learn the recipe for the Peasant Chest

Crafting a chest costs 4 wood logs and 4 pieces of flax. Once crafted, it ends up in the designs section of your inventory. Open the build menu, found under your mini map.

Here, you can craft walls, floors, windows and doors. Open the ‘Devices’ tab to access furniture.

place the peasant chest in your base
Place the chest in your base

Select your chest, and choose where you want to place it. You can only put the chest on top of a floor piece. Rotate it by tapping the arrow icon, and place it by tapping the tick.


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