Gwent: Top three ways to get ore


GamingGwent: Top three ways to get ore

In Gwent, ore is vital for building decks and taking part in arena runs. Although it might seem elusive at first, it’s easy to come by. Just follow this quick guide and we’ll show you the best ways to stock up on ore.

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Stocking up


There are three main ways to gain more ore, each of which is simple but requires playing the game. They are; daily quests, GG’s and the Reward Book.


Daily Quests


Every day, you will be given a small number of quests to complete. These will have specific conditions but they encourage you to try out various game features. Once you have completed all available quests, you’ll have to wait until more are ready. You can see how much time is left on the faded tiles.

If a requirement is difficult to complete or requires you to play arena when you can’t afford to, you can reroll the quest. Just click the recycle icon on the top right-hand corner of the tile. This will create a new one for you to complete.



When you complete a game of Gwent, you are given the option to say ‘Good Game’ to your opponent. Doing so will give them an extra 5 Ore and increase the chances of them returning the favour. Although it only rewards a small amount of ore, it all adds up over time.


Reward Book


This is by far the easiest way of gaining ore. Play a few games and you’ll begin to complete contracts. These reward skill points which can be used to complete pages of your Reward Book. Along with other resources, parts of the reward trees will give you 50, 100 or 200 ore.


If you play regularly, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the ore adds up. Once you have a heap, crack some kegs and start a few arena runs! You’ll be a master in no time!