Halo Master Chief Collection Update Revealed


Gaming Halo Master Chief Collection Update Revealed

This Monday, Halo Master Chief Collection saw a huge update. Fans of the game have had complaints since the release of the game back in 2014, but now 343i has brought us the game we’ve always wanted from MCC.

The first thing to note about this update is that it’s a 73GB update. 343 has spent a lot of time on this, making it an almost new game entirely.


One of the biggest things this update has to offer is the reworking on the matchmaking. With extremely long loading times and connection issues when trying to get into matches, this is something fans have wanted fix for a long time. 343 has made sure to have dedicated servers for all matchmaking now. This has helped a lot with getting into games and has even helped to run smoother too.

They also added an offline LAN support to the game. As someone who grew up playing LAN Halo 1 and 2, this is great news. 343i has included an updated matchmaking playlist too. There are now multiple playlists for each game with a few crossover playlists as well to play. They have said that they will update the playlist weekly and keeping bringing in new and old game modes for fans to play.

Menu and UI

The other big change they brought is the updated menus and UI elements. For those who are familiar with the old menu system, you will notice the difference and it looks really nice. It’s much nicer to look at and it’s easy to navigate. They also added a new setting where you can now choose to download what Halo games you want and in which order. T

here is even an option for only Matchmaking or Campaign. So if you feel like playing all the campaigns again and don’t want to touch the multiplayer, you can do that. It’s a very nice element added to this that I wish more collections had.

Overall, I am very excited to get back into Halo MCC, even if it’s just for a little to try all the new updates and I hope others give it a try too. For more info on the MCC Update, you can read the official patch notes here.

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