Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery: How to get more Energy


Energy is one of the mechanics in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. It’s represented with a blue lightning icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Completing a single task in the game usually costs 1 energy. Tasks take place during classes most of the time. For example, researching notes in potions class will use 1 energy. Whilst you usually have to do this maybe 10-15 times, you run out of energy fast.

You will start the game with 24 energy by default. If you use up all of your energy doing a certain task in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery, you will have to wait 4 minutes for each 1 to restore.

One of the first missions where you will run out of energy is likely ‘Escape the Devils snare’. It requires a lot of energy, due to to it needed 5 stars to pass. With this challenge taking 8 hours, you’re expected to leave the game and let your energy restore if you don’t want to buy some.

Getting energy in Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery

The first way to get energy for free is simply by waiting. As I said before, you can restore 1 energy every 4 minutes. Meaning that to restore the 24 starter energy, it would take around 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Another way to replenish some lost energy is by completing missions and task. You will often be asked if you want gold, gems or energy as a reward. If you choose the energy option, it’s a fast way to replenish.

Finally, you can buy energy with gems. 10 energy costs 20 gems, with 60 energy costing 100 gems. Unfortunately, gems cost money and this may be impossible for some of you to do.


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