Hijack Target Challenge Guide for Ascension Bluff in Borderlands 3


GamingHijack Target Challenge Guide for Ascension Bluff in Borderlands 3

There are 6 different challenges available for Ascension Bluff in Borderlands 3. One of them involves Ellie wanting you to hijack and steal a vehicle, with Eridium, XP and Cash as a reward.

Once you’ve hijacked the vehicle, it will need to be scanned at any catch-a-ride station before you’ll receive any rewards. As well as Eridium and XP, you will also unlock any unique parts on the vehicle that you don’t own.

Below, you can read our short guide for finding the starting point for this challenge. For more Borderlands 3 Guides & Best-of content for PS4, PC and Xbox One, make sure to check out our dedicated area here

Hijack Target Challenge

To start the Hijack Target Challenge, head to the location marked in the red circle below in Ascension Bluff. It’s a gated compound, which houses some enemies who you will need to defeat.

Location of Hijack Target

Before taking the vehicle, you will need to open the gate. You can follow the orange wire connected to the gate, which will lead you to an elevated platform. Press the button to open the gate.

Steal the vehicle

Once you’ve opened the gate, drive the vehicle to your nearest catch-a-ride station. Ellie will scan the vehicle, giving you new parts. You will also receive the rewards previously mentioned and contribute a small amount towards the overall completion of the area.

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