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GamingHollow Knight Save Game Location for Windows, Mac & Linux

When a game saves, often there are two places they’re stored. One is locally on your computer (so that you can play offline), and another in the cloud (such as Steam cloud, so that they are permanently backed up and synced between systems). There are a few reasons you might want to know the location of your save files.

Firstly, back-ups are important. In the event that your save becomes corrupt (whether due to a bug, modding issue etc), you likely won’t be able to play that save again, meaning all that progress is lost. By copying and pasting your save folder, you’ll always have a backup you can revert too. It’s always recommended to back-up your save before making any changes to your game.

Another reason you might need to know where your save game is located is so that you can actually modify it. Some games have special software available which allow you to open up your save and edit your character freely.

Where to Find Hollow Knight Saves

Below, we’re going to show you the Save Game Location for Hollow Knights on Windows, Mac and Linux. 

Windows Save Location

If you are playing Hollow Knight on Windows, then the save files can be found inside of your AppData folder. This applies to whether you are playing on Steam, GOG or inside of any other client.

The exact location for Hollow Knight saves is: C:\Users\YOU\AppData\LocalLow\Team Cherry\Hollow Knight

Once you head into C:\Users\, you need to choose the folder that has your account name on Windows. Inside, open up the AppData. If you don’t see AppData, then you will need to enable ‘Hidden Items’, which can be turned on at the top of the window, under the ‘View’ tab.

If that doesn’t work for you, then open up your Start Menu and type %AppData% and hit Enter. This will open up your AppData folder, specifically into the Roaming folder. Head back a directory and go into LocalLow instead.

Mac Save Location

If instead you’re playing on Mac OS, you’ll need to head to the Application Support folder. The exact location for Hollow Knight’s save files on Mac is: ~Library/Application Support/unity.Team Cherry.Hollow Knight

You can press SHIFT + COMMAND + G, then enter the directory above (or navigate there yourself).

Linux Location

Finally, for Linux users, you can find the Hollow Knight save files at ~/.config/unity3d/Team Cherry/Hollow Knight.

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