House Flipper: How to Buy Furniture & Items


GamingHouse Flipper: How to Buy Furniture & Items

If you’re new to House Flipper, you might be a little bit confused. One of the first tasks/missions that you have to do is buy a radiator. You will need to buy the radiator from the store, then mount it onto the wall.

Opening the store

You can access the Store from your tablet, where you can see other information such as Statistics, Buyers and perks which can be upgraded. Head to the Store section. If you don’t know how to access the tablet, press TAB.

house flipper how to open the store
The Shop in House Flipper

Down the left hand side, you can see a list of categories such as Bedroom, Bathroom etc. If you are looking to install the radiator, you can find it under the ‘Installations’ tab.

Otherwise, you can search for it using the search bar at the top of the screen. When searching, make sure that you are inside the ‘All’ tab. You can customize the colors and designs of most of the furniture items inside the shop in House Flipper.

When you press buy, you won’t be charged until you actually place it down, so you have a little bit of experimentation to do. Whether it looks good and fits the style of your home. Use your scroll wheel to rotate furniture when placing it down.

Finally, if you don’t like an item after it has been placed, you can sell it again. You will lose a small amount of money, but not a lot. Use the sell tool, by holding down the right click button and selecting it from the menu.

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